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Most of the parents are least prepared for this. For the parents who want to bring up their children more properly and effectively, here are certain steps to effective parenting. Step 1: Nurture Your Child's Self respectThe way you talk or behave with your child plays an important role in developing his self respect or self esteem. Praise your child for his achievements and allow him to do the things for himself. This will help him in developing self confidence. Never underestimate him or pass any bad comments on him. Don't ever compare him with other children. Step 2: Try to be a Good Role ModelRemember, your child learns a lot just by observing you. He tries to behave or act like you. This possibility increases when he is younger. Therefore, it is necessary that you model the qualities you want to develop in your child. Guests rent exquisite private lodges, set on a private 157 acre park like property complete with hiking trails and a top of the line restaurant and spa.

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The choice of leadership styles and the tools which are being used in leadership is what makes an organization excel or perform well.


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